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Music Levels Light RGB LED MIC Sound Level Meter Audio Spectrum Display Analyzer

Visualizing Dynamic Music.Advanced and Powerful Function.Premium Quality & Wide Usage.Relaxing Work & Spark Inspiration.
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【Visualizing Dynamic Music】With 32 colorful LED lamp beads, highly sensitive microphone pickup and noise filtering function, Music Levels light bar provides 8 modes of display and over 60 color combinations, incomparably and perfectly make music alive.
【Advanced and Powerful Function】The AGC algorithm ensures the best display effects when the input signal changes. Display mode, color, peak, brightness, speed, sensitivity can all be adjusted freely to satisfy different needs.
【Premium Quality & Wide Usage】Covered by an aluminum alloy one-time molding case, simply but strong. A great gift for friends, colleagues, music-lovers, designers etc., can be applied in many place such as LED DJ stage, Car Interior Decor, Party, Music Festival, Concert etc.
【Relaxing Work & Spark Inspiration】Place it on your office desk, bedside table or in your car to create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere. By activating the environment, it helps to relieve your pressure and trigger your idea.

Warm tips:
1. The whole display screen is covered by a layer of protective film, please remove it before using.
2. Powered by DC 5V (Micro-USB), exceed 5V will result in damage.
3. Current of power should be greater than or equal to 1A to guarantee its best performance. Usually the current of the PC's USB port is only 0.5A, the mic sampling rate will drop when the current is insufficient.
4. If you buy 2PCS or more, please make sure that the current of power supply is sufficient to drive all music levels lights, each one needs 1A.

  • Brand: Music Levels Light
  • Model: AK_DB32_Color
  • Signal acquisition: microphone pickup
  • Display mode: 8
  • Display color combination: over 60
  • Adjustable items: sensitivity / speed / brightness / color / mode etc.
  • Working voltage: DC 5V ( ≥1A )
  • Power consumption: 5W
  • Power interface: Micro-USB
  • Material: One-piece molding and anodizing
  • Software supported: ambient noise filtering / firmware update
  • Dimensions(W*D*H): 181*16*15mm
  • Net weight: 86g

Packing List
  • 1 × Music Levels Light
  • 1 × Micro-USB Cable (1.2m)

All settings of function can be easily achieved according to the videos from:
Function Introduction:
I. Generally:
1. Short press
- UP: Skip to previous motion effect.
- DOWN: Skip to next motion effect.
2. Long press
- UP: Increasing the brightness.
- DOWN: Lowers the brightness.
3. Double click
- UP: Change the color of peak light,continue to short press UP or DOWN to next color.
- DOWN: Change the color of lights group,continue to short press UP or DOWN to next color.
4. Tripple click
- UP: Ambient noise filtering function is on,In a few seconds, it will automatically recognize the current ambient noise and return to the normal state.
- DOWN: Ambient noise filtering function is off.
5. Four click
- UP: Sensitivity setting, continue to short press UP or DOWN to switch 30 levels.
- DOWN: AGC response speed setting , continue to short press UP or DOWN to switch 30 levels.
6. Five-click
- UP: Skip to next color display style, Wait for 1 second to take effect automatically ,7 color styles in total.(You can double-click DOWN to select a color in the monochrome mode)
- DOWN: Peak light highlighting ON/OFF
7. Six click
- UP: Gradient effect ON/OFF.
- DOWN: To Switch the display direction of the light bar.
8. Seven click (New features)
- UP: Switching the standby mode to moving lights bar / turn the lights off / Cancel the standby mode
- DOWN: Switching the music levels direction (light on middle moves to the two sides, light on the two sides move to the middle, Default effect)
*(The 7-click function is the latest firmware. For firmware download and upgrade methods, please see the introduction in section IV below. Users who purchased after November 11, 2020 do not need to upgrade.)
II.Melody speed custom setting:
In normal state, Long Press UP + DOWN button for 2 seconds to enter speed custom setting mode, Short press UP+DOWN button back to normal states
- UP: Long press for 1s to enter the cycle setting menu (→ the rising speed of lights group→ the falling speed of lights group → the Stagnant time of peak light→ the falling speed of peak light→)
The rising speed of lights group. □■■■
The falling speed of lights group. ■□■■
The stagnant time of peak light. ■■□■
The falling speed of peak light. ■■■□
- UP: Time will increase and speed will decrease.
- DOWN: Time will decrease and speed will increase.
(The setting is more complicated, there is a reference video demo at the below)
III. Noise filtering function:
Tripple-click the UP button.In a few seconds, it will automatically recognize the current ambient noise and return to the normal state.
(Tips: There are a different noise in ambient. The principle of this function is to filter the background noise in the ambient, and then the sound larger than the ambient noise will be recognized. Before doing this noise calibration, make sure that the ambient sound is quiet and stable. It is recommended to do a calibration if the use occasion changes.)
IV. Operation of other functions:
a). Restore factory default setting
- UP+DOWN: Long press for 10 seconds.
b). Self-inspection mode
 (Long press UP+DOWN for 5 seconds to setting, Short press UP+DOWN button back to normal states)
-UP: Previous.
-DOWN: Next.
c). Upgrade the software version (Only support Windows)
    - You can download the firmware from:
- Long press DOWN in shutdown state while pulging the cable to your PC
- Copy the updated firmware into the USB flash drive of Music_LV on PC
- Waiting for 3 second, the system will automatically restart to completed the upgrade.
  (If the system prompts an error info, please replace the PC or the Micro-USB cable and try again.The firmware upgrade demo video is in the third part of the introduction)
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