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Little Bear T11 Vacuum Tube Phono Turntable Preamplifier MM RIAA HiFi Pre-Amp

Little Bear T11 is a pure tube phono preamplifier working with MM cartridge turntables only. Please make sure your turntable is equipped with a PHONO signal output instead of a LINE output.
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Little Bear T11 is a pure tube phono preamplifier working with MM cartridge turntables only. Please make sure your turntable is equipped with a PHONO signal output instead of a LINE output.

Little Bear T11 is based on T10 with improvement. Compared to T10, T11 has lower background noise at normal volume. Its sound performance is better with increased liveness. What's more, T11 is applied with an enhanced manufacturing process and equipped with a metal chassis, which managed to give it a more elegant and exquisite appearance.

On the bottom of the description, there is a few Q&A for buyers who might meet the humming problem. If you encounter a similar issue, please check those tips, which have covered most of conditions.


Adopting a conventional active RIAA equalization phono stage circuit.

There is 3 metal covers and 4 acrylic covers for those tubes. And you will be able to choose which type as you like. (We suggest using metal covers if there exists effect sources in the surroundings. Otherwise acrylic covers will have a better appearance.)

The GND switch on its back panel is setting to connect with the ground in default. However, there may get some loud background noise with a few digital amplifiers. Please try setting it to disconnect with the ground then.

There is a 3-meter black cable in the package, which can be wired between T11 with huge metal items such as doors or windows if your wall outlet has no ground connection.

Supporting 6N2/12AX7 tubes, which offers many replaceable tubes for you like 6H2,6H2n (For 6N2 type) and 12AX7B,6N4(9PIN),ECC83,5751 (For 12AX7 type).

Technical Specifications:
  • Output Voltage :2.0V
  • Gain=48dB
  • Input RIAA ≤ 5mV
  • THD ≤ 0.5%
  • Frequency Response: standard characters
  • Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 65dB(A)1KHz (input: 10mV; output: 0.7V)
  • Power supply: AC110V(115V) / 220V(235V) 60Hz/50Hz (The correct version will be sent according to your address)
  • Dimension: 220*180*64 mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Packing list:
  • 1× Finished Phono Preamplifier
  • 1× 6Z4 Tube
  • 3× 6N2 Tubes
  • 3× Metal Tube Covers
  • 4× Acrylic Tube Covers
  • 1× Power Cable
  • 1× GND wire

Q&A about the hum problem
Q: I got a loud hum with this T11 phono preamp.

A: For the hum noise, in the beginning, we have to clarified that all phono preamps have a certain of background noise. It won't be loud, while a little loud is just normal. Turntable is a kind of analog players and cannot be compared with digital players in this respect. Besides, there are many factors which may lead to bad noise. To find the right reason, you need to do some tests and here are some instructions.

Reason A: T11 isn't connected to ground well.
This is the most common and unnoticed reason. Please test it following the steps as below.
While the device is playing music, picking up the GND copper part of T11 with your fingers. If the background noise is much lower, then T11 isn’t connected to the ground. For this issue, we prepared a 3m wire in the package for you to solve it by yourself. Just use it to connect the GND with any large mental item in your home like windows or mental tables.

Reason B: T11 doesn’t match with your amplifier well.
There is a possibility that T11 may not match with some digital amplifiers well, which may lead to very loud noise. This is because digital amplifiers cannot be connected to the ground directly. For this issue, you can just set the T11 GND switch (on the back of it) to OFF.
However, this will lead to bad noise from T11 itself as it is not connected to the ground. You can only choose the bearable way. That’s why we recommend using professional pure HiFi amplifiers like AV amplifier or vacuum tube amplifiers (it will be better if the amplifier isn’t equipped with Bluetooth).

Reason C: The RCA wire has a poor quality.
A good RCA wire will be equipped with an anti-jamming magnetic ring, which can effectively reduce various interference.

Q: T11’s power light is on while one or several tubes is not. 
A: Please check whether the tube is plugged into the tube seat completely. Otherwise please check the tube whether it seems like a thin mist is inside. If so, then the tube is defective and you need to replace it.

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