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ADuM4160 USB Isolator Board Audio Noise Eliminator 1500V Digital Isolation Modul

The first single-package USB isolation solution which uses ADI's proprietary iCoupler® technology. It is compatible with USB 2.0, provide fully isolated data rates of 1.5 Mbps and 12 Mbps. It also can isolate 1500V voltage without external power or driver
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This product is the first single-package USB isolation solution which uses ADI's proprietary iCoupler® technology. It is compatible with USB 2.0, even can provide fully isolated data rates of 1.5 Mbps and 12 Mbps. It also can isolate 1500V voltage, requiring no external power or drivers. The timing, amplitude, direction, rate, and protocol of the USB signal are complex, so achieving the magnetic isolation of the USB signal is also a very complicated technology. This product basically represents the highest level of isolation.

Our Product Highlights
As a professional company researching in audio, we develop this product to chieve great improvements in many equipment especially in USB audio devices such as DAC, sound card and so on. 
This USB isolator is not only good at improving most USB audio devices like DAC, sound card and so on, but also has wonderful influence in equipment with USB interface to against interference.
The connection way of USB cable is with acrylic shell to avoid bad usage experience because of insufficient space around the USB interface.
It can compatible with most kinds of devices, and its high and low speed, internal and external power supply are separately equipped with switches.

Technical indicators
  •  Compatible with USB2.0
  •  ADUM4160 isolation voltage: 2500 v
  •  Power module: isolation voltage 1500 v
  •  Support USB 1.5 Mbps at low speed and full speed 12 Mbps and does not support pure high-speed equipment
  •  Support USB control transfer, bulk transfer, interrupt transmission, synchronous transmission/etc
  •  Power supply: from the USB port to the PC host
  •  Avoid driving, it is more convenient to use
  •  Using the environment: - 40 °C to 85 °C

Packing List
  • 1× USB Isolator with Acrylic Case
  • 1× USB Cable 

The reason of making USB isolators
The USB interface is one of the most commonly used interfaces for daily work and practitioners. With the increasing competition in the computer industry, the price of products is getting lower and lower, which forces most businesses to simplify the interface protection of the computer motherboard. The USB interface is not only often in contact with the human body, but also often supplies power to external devices. These factors have caused many computers' USB interfaces to strike in advance even damaged.

This product is suitable for the following users
1. Working environment with strong electricity and strong interference
Some circuits contain strong electricity, strong interference (such as high voltage, inverter, motor drive, etc.) environment. When it comes to connecting with a computer, it must be isolated to ensure the computer and personal safety.
2. Noise sensitive area
Everyone knows that computers are a big source of noise. In the noise sensitive field, we can isolate the USB interface through this device. Such as high-precision USB data acquisition system, HIFI sound system.
3. USB debugging device
For example, various USB interface JTAG/SWD emulators, ISP/ASP/IAP/ICP downloaders, etc. When you are unable to connect during the debugging process and the simulation is abnormal, you can use the USB isolator to try to improve.
4. Various industrial control USB devices
In industrial environments, USB devices often crash, such as USB mouse, keyboard, USB to serial port and other communication devices. USB isolators reduce the chance of crashes and damage to these devices in industrial environments. Sometimes it is necessary to extend the USB cable, the USB isolator can act as a very good USB repeater, and can also isolate the ground pressure difference between upstream and downstream devices.
5. Other common USB peripherals, such as mouse, keyboard, USB sound card, USB flash drive, printer, digital camera, USB hub (HUB), USB camera.
6. Medical equipment
The safety of the human body is the most important and primary, but some medical devices are connected to the computer through the USB interface. In the process of collecting data or treating the human body, it is necessary to have direct electrical contact with the human body.
To avoid electric shock caused by the high voltage that may be transmitted from the computer to the human body through the device and interface lines, the electrical isolation of the interface line becomes one of the important protective measures.

Supported Devices
Full speed:
U-Disk, digital camera, card reader, mobile hard disk, U shield, USB HUB, AVRJTAG, AVRISP, AVRISPMKII, S-Lab, JET51, J-Link, FET430UIF, PICKIT2, XDS100, LPC-Link, ICD2, USB serial port (FT232, CP2102, PL2303, CH341 chips).
Low speed:
Keyboard, Mouse, USBASP, USBHID device, USBCDC device.
Unsupported Device:
USB wireless network card, USB3.0 U-Disk.

1, On-board output power of this product is 1W(B0505S). When your USB device working current >180mA, please use its own external power supply.
2, The product supports low-speed devices (USB1.0) and full-speed devices (USB1.1), but does not support pure high-speed devices (USB2.0).Most USB devices is compatible and can be used. If the system prompts unrecognized devices during use, please adjust the speed selection switch and thene plug in the isolator.
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